October 6, 2008

I Like It (More Than U Know)

The Avalanches' Since I Left You (a BT top 5 all-time fave) contains more than 900 original samples, 99% of which I haven't recognized, but you might enjoy the lineage behind "Flight Tonight."

The Avalanches - Flight Tonight (from Since I Left You)

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The repeating vocal sample is taken from De La Soul's Posdnuos on "More Than U Know," part of Prince Paul's 1999 classic A Prince Among Thieves, where the crew offers a series of creative metaphors comparing frequent crack use to commercial air travel and Julies, respectively. This song doesn't appear on any De La albums but it's still one of their best, and the lyrics are top gear.

Prince Paul feat. De La Soul - More Than U Know (from A Prince Among Thieves)

"More Than U Know" contains a sample of Rockmaster Scott & the Dynamic Three's recording "The Roof Is On Fire," but most of the backing track is taken from The Extra T's 1983 electro-boogie "I Like It (Corn Flakes)," a tough-to-find track the Wax Poetics crew was overheard spinning a few weeks back.

The Extra T's - I Like It (Corn Flakes)

Play these in reverse order at your next helipad jammy for mad cred, even though know one will probably notice.

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John Waters' film "Polyester" = beginning of Frontier Psychologist