November 12, 2008

College = Youth

The real thing might suck sometimes, but the French concept of your teenage years is always perfect - self discovery, chemical (and peer) exploration, finding your personal brand, passing out on Sparks-soaked linoleum and doing it all over again.

But living for today is boring when you can be a Hollywood star from the glamorized redux of 80s pop culture. The Teenagers name drop Dirty Dancing and proclaim their love for all things 90210, M83's Saturdays=Youth is a self-described ode to teenage life on MTV, and Kavinsky's "Flashback," (from the 1986 EP, of course), documents the cool kid's dangerous post-prom moonlight Ferrari excursions.

Now France's David Grellier, known on the electrobloghaus circuit as College, is rebuilding the cache of your forgotten early-morning/after epiphanies right alongside his peers, retouching blemishes and socially awkward incidents with the stroke of a synth. Call it Kavinsky on klonopin or M83 on a hott clap holiday.

College - The Energy Story (feat. Minitel Rose)

College - Teenage Color (199 Chatarz Remix)

College and crew's Valerie blog are posting "Energy Story" remixes and more leading up to his Secret Diary debut later this winter.

College - Teenage Color Mix

01- Stephen Falken - Everything Must Go
02- Roman Salzger - Alpha Centauri
03- Alden Tyrell - Odessa Theme
04- Lifelike - High On
05- Lovelock - Love Reaction
06- College - Teenage Color (Russ Chimes Remix)
07- Pnau - Lover
08- Bangkok Impact - Bright Light, Dim Light
09- Pony Pony Run Run - Star Survivor (Russ Chimes'Drive To Survive Remix)
10- Sedat The Turkish Avenger - Sunrise (Original Mix)
11- Pnau featuring Ladyhawke - Embrace
12- Loose Shus - Total Fox
13- Xinobi - Day Off (Anoraak Remix)
14- Error Love - Top Of The Charts (Number One In The Uk)
15- Melinda Jackson - Magic (Moustache Remix)

Thanks to Hyperbole for enrolling us.
See also: M83 vs. Donnie Darko


Anonymous said...

nice Z. I just did the worm on my office floor to this. I think I feel the Whop coming on next. Good find. Do you know when Secret Diary is due out? I'm not too keen on foreign language. Is it self released?

Thom said...

Nice get. The picture in this post got me thinking. It this a lighter moment or a deleted scene from the movie Battle Royal? I never knew girl 7 and 6 were so friendly, this sheds light on the decapitation scene for reals.

Z said...

I think Valerie is releasing it (they just said this winter) but not sure what their distribution will be. I'm buying it fo sho. Will let you know if I hear anything else.

Anonymous said...

check out the "energy story" remixes...

Anonymous said...

it comes out Nov. 28