November 14, 2008

New Height - The Woods

Height n' friends invented something unprecedented, opium-scented and dark-tinted:

Height - The Woods

From Jones - "The song was made in parts, kind of like a chain letter. PT Burnem started the track with the main loop/melodic sample and the beat box sample. King Rhythm added the samples and programming on the hook part. Mickey Free did a lot of the filter/mixing to bring all the elements together, also adding additional low-end percussion, and I added live percussion. And of course Height, in addition to writing and performing the vocals, was always present in shaping the sound."

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Baltimore Highlands LP, check Height's podcast series, and be sure to catch Jones with Grand Buffet tomorrow night at Ottobar. Previously on BT from the Independence Day Friendstival:

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