November 15, 2008

The Internet Was Awesome Today!

Whilst cruising We Have Lasers - you know, the site dedicated to professional portraits with various laser backgrounds, I found the turning point in laser portrait culture, back in 1991, when almost 60% of the students in this 3rd grade class teamed up for either the classic pink/blue line lasers (closeup) or the more subtle purple/pink starburst lasers combo. You've got to hate it for the other kids who slept on this or failed to receive parent approval.

Wish I had opted for the spaghetti/cat backdrop instead.

My Morning Jacket - Picture of You (from The Tennessee Fire)

Also - if there's anything as cool as lasers it's eagles, and Department of Eagles is a pretty awesome band name, but if everyone could stop blogging about Department of Eagles for a week or two that would be swell.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The laser background is a cop out. True portrait greatness comes from hair, accessories and shirt choice.