December 15, 2008

Dgenetics - Generation V Sampler

Dgenetics Musics is a central organization of mutant freedom fighters (from left: Fiore, DJ Pumpkin Patch, Dgenetics, Old Gold) defending Generation V from the old lords who struggle to maintain their power over the...well this video explains it:

Can't help but wonder if the crimefighting beacon is linked to recent RoboDensity Reports which indicate we may be dangerously close to reaching an unsafe robots per capita ratio, or the suspicious rise in Old Glory robot insurance premiums? Haven't been this confused/excited since Princess Alura got spanked on Voltron.

What we do know is LA-based Dgenetics has released a free quadruple-power Generation V comp with each team member contributing their own special powers, be it the ability to drop fierce roller jams, kick krautrock freak-folk or entrance tenderonis with Chromeo-esque hott claps. Godspeed sirs.

Dgenetics - Skate With Me

Fiore - Awakening

DJ Pumpkin Patch - Rushin

Old Gold - Drugged Out Girls

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