December 9, 2008

Since I Met You

"When my two friends married they chose a song that says 'since I met you, I found a world so new.' When they got the actual lyrics it said 'since I left you, I found a world so new!' They still kept it though."
- some random

While the Avalanches' title track might differ dramatically from the Main Attractions' original intent, and anyone that chooses a wedding song titled "Since I Left You" from the album Since I Left You deserves altar abandonment/VD, you can hardly blame them for choosing such an otherwise perfect song.

The Avalanches - Since I Left You

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The source material is pretty strong, too. Breaking down Avalanches songs is similar to watching the Daft Punk sample video except you don't feel so dirty/used after. Aside from the two main inspirations below, the opening track also embodies portions of Jimmy Webb's "By the Time I Get To Phoenix" and Car Wash.

The Main Attractions - Everyday (sampled in "Since I Left You")

Klaus Wunderlich - Do the Latin Hustle (sampled in "Since I Left You")

"Latin Hustle" is also great for scooping cougars on the frozen tundra of Trader J's - evidently you just play it, walk over, and say something awesome. Expect nothing less from a man named Klaus Wunderlich.

Flight Tonight


Anonymous said...

God I love you guys, for your brilliant writing style and the fact that you consistently make me sound cooler than all my friends. Post more sample stuff! Whatever happened to Sample Wednesdays over at Palms Out...? Apart from Google?!

Ian H. Smith said...

I love love that Avalanches track a lot, and that video is brilliant.

Unknown said...

Actually, I think it DOES say "since I met you", it's just that the pitch change they used makes it sound as if it could go either way, and through the power of suggestion (both song and album are titled "since I left you") everyone hears it as "left". Try listening to it thinking the word is going to be "met". It will sound like it is.