January 7, 2009

Mac and Me vs. Architecture in Helsinki

Why did we make this? Because there is nothing radder than aliens, scary wheelchair falls, Reebok hi-tops, bear costumes and tightly choreographed teens breaking in McDonald's; except when all of that is scored against Architecture in Helsinki.

Architecture in Helsinki - It's 5! (Poutine Dream by 33Hz Rmx)

Check out AIH's new joint here, and be sure to visit our best of 2K8 post for more "zany mashups."


Thom said...

So many things I want to say. The big thing for me is that Mac definitely didn't need to wear that Teddy Bear outfit. It only draws more attention to himself; when really if I saw him I'd think he was a five year old with progeria before I thought space alien

Thom said...

The Teddy Bear costume just brings unneeded attention

Thom said...

Good moves, though

Z said...

look, you're a little freaked out, I get that. but the moves are too tight to deny

Anonymous said...

i need to find myself a mcdonalds dance party

Anonymous said...

Wow Butterteam. I am way impressed you know what Mac and Me is. My sister and I watched that movie all the time when we were kids...Yes, I am admitting this.

The best part about this video is that I never truly appreciated the Mcdonalds dance scene when I was 6. Guess we were too busy watching the shenanigans with the alien dressed as a teddy bear...Quality.

eda said...