January 9, 2009

Butter Team Weekend Beats Vol. 28

First person to name all of these languages correctly will receive a nifty book light* so that you may continue your worldly academic pursuits well after the sun goes down. If you live in NYC and these songs make you want to take off your pants, please join us tomorrow.

El Guincho - Palmitos Park (from Alegranza!)

The Ruby Suns - Tane Mahuta (from Sea Lion)

Esau Mwamwaya - Kamphopo (courtesy of Mad Decent)

Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top Beats - Ezuku Buzo (from Lagos Jump)

Buy it at Insound!

*for real - assuming my Snuggie arrives in the mail next week. If not they are going to get an epic ass chewing, ordered that thing like a month ago. Actual book light niftiness may vary. Also note that if you enter but fail to properly identify all languages correctly, you'll have a choice of either watching the Microsoft Songsmith commercial or the beamz Music Performance System commercial in its entirety (face-melting air solo at 1:19). DO NOT WATCH BOTH OF THEM BACK TO BACK.


Thom said...

te reo Māori

Anonymous said...

Grreat post! Not sure about the first two, The Very Best - Chichewa, and the third - guessing it's Nigerian too, but do I get an extra point for saying that the first half minute or so is spoken in Crio/Creole(dialect of Sierra Leone), albeit in a heavy Nigerian accent?!

Z said...

yes, well played, but there is only one book light.

moonwalker said...

thank you butter team!

Anonymous said...

you know what makes this much better than it already it?


Anonymous said...

Wooow I had no idea that Architecture in Helsinki relied so heavily on Kamphopo for Heart it Races! .. Thanks for this fabulous international music Butter Team!

Anonymous said...

luv that Cos pic!

S.K. Azoulay said...

I just have to mention that I've been using that image of Bill Cosby pointing at things on my blog for a while now:


I'm glad to come across others doing the same.