January 19, 2009

Teen Watch: Jonah Takalua

Yo have you seen Summer Heights High yet? It's a ridiculously underrated HBO mockumentary series following life in an Australian public school from the perspectives of a drama teacher, a bitchy private school exchange student and our boy JT, who spends the first eight episodes punking, breaking and tagging his way to expulsion. (Incidentally all of these characters are played by the same person - writer/creator/comedian Chris Lilley).

Call it season four of The Wire* with a down under dash of Degrassi; a gripping firsthand look at the struggles of young Jonah's crew as they try to stay out of trouble whilst keeping it real. Other serious topics "made funny" include bullying, teen dating, drug overdoses, homosexuality, racial tolerance, ginger tolerance, anorexia, special people pooping in the classroom, suicide, obesity, AIDS, attention deficit disorder, and the top four kinds of abuse (verbal, physical, sexual, animal).

Twirl around to this frisky number while checking out montage videos for Mr. G and Ja'mie. Is SHH better than Flight of the Conchords, or Season 2 at least?

Mr. G - Naughty Girl

*if The Wire was directed by Christopher Guest

Teen Chat w/ The Teenagers
Flight of the Conchords vs. Pet Shop Boys
Flight of the Conchords vs. Daft Punk


Anonymous said...

This show is addicting! It will leave you with a song in your head that nobody will recognize and a new vocabulary. My favorite of course is Jonah! He is so misunderstood! Keeping fingers crossed for season 2!
Thanks Butterteam!

Anonymous said...

I really like Conchords but I enjoyed Summer Heights even more with all the "fuck you, Miss" or the nicer version "puck you, Miss". Plus little lip-synchin' Toby, Mr. G's dog-on-wheels, and the way they refer to juniors in high school as year elevens, it's all good.


Anonymous said...

fuck you miss

Anonymous said...

i said "puck you sir"
awesome show
"i went to tonna once, and it was shit"

Daddy Strong Legs said...

Check out my Jonah Takalua Soundboard