January 13, 2009

Hot Milk + Bollywood Freaks

If Dr. Evil had entertained co-villains with a Sparks/Ableton-fueled mashup of Midnite Vultures in lieu of Joan Osborne ballads, guests may have left his secret volcanic lair with the same wig-scrambling futureshock now provided regularly by NYC's Public and Double Crown.

Both restaurants from award-winning design/concept firm Avroko have redefined the art of indulgent, omnicultural shenanigans* - below we invite you to enjoy but a snippet of the hot milk, lobotomy beats, satin sheets/tropical oils, shopping at Old Navy, hot dogs and No Doz we encountered on recent visits. Plus killer canapes.

Beck - Hollywood Freaks (from Midnite Vultures)

Beck - Milk and Honey (from Midnite Vultures)

Buy it at Insound!

+ here's a super quick recap we put together from Public's recent 5 year anniversary party, set to the best song of 2K8.

Air France - Collapsing at your Doorstep (from No Way Down)

(*And they only throw parties on the side - real action is in the kitchen. I'm not a food critic and would only use nonsensical terms like "scrumptralescently transcendent" to describe the cuisine, but you can check out a recent NY Times review of Double Crown or Public's Press/Awards section to see how they regularly dominate Best Brunch lists et al. Both also have splendid bars for day boozing.)


Anonymous said...

As one of the tattooed arms above, I just have to say that New Year's Eve at Double Crown was a blast! They always know how to throw a party and keep the guests wanting more. The sassy disco music really took it to the next level!

Anonymous said...

I must say that I have always enjoyed myself every time I visit Double Crown or Public. Double Crown's NYE party was, by far, the best party I've been to in awhile. The flowing drinks, amazing canapes and brilliant dj-ing made the evening a blast! I even woke up with a fake tattoo on my arm... what can top that?

Anonymous said...

Everytime I have posted a Beck song I've gotten a letter from the RIAA.

What gives? What wheels are you greasing?

I also got narc'd for M83.