January 27, 2009

Think This Song is About Hygiene

Today my local guerilla publicity rep sent out an eblast about this new band called Pavement. After checking their zany description, scanning enthusiastic blog review excerpts and Zsharing the single, which I haven't listened to yet, sounds like they could be pretty big over the next few days.

Figured it's best to go ahead and get this up before Stereogum/GvB, then do more of a full-paragraph review tomorrow while reblogging the secret Tumblrteque performance in an elementary school janitor's closet. After HRO tweets on their supporting dates for AnCo's global tour, I can reestablish Hype dominance with a Falke / Lifelike / Breakbot rmx. And that should pretty much cover it.

Pavement - Best Friend's Arm (from Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels edition)

Buy it at Insound!

From the blast:

"Pavement's 'zany hook' is breathing pixie stix/Lik-M-Aid/fun dip dust off optically elusive DRM-free CD cases (320kbs), freaking out in unintelligible syllable strings from new languages, taking bluesy naps and doing it all over again. Conceptual bangers if you will." - RCRD LBL

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