February 2, 2009

Bros I Want To Chill With Vol. 1

Was inspired by HRO's new podcast about bros. It wasn't as powerful/authentic as the first one, but definitely illustrated the many different roles bros play in our lives. We have sharebros (via Google Reader/IM), carpool bros, hike school bros, social media bros, festival bros, etc. Another emerging category CRLS mentions is "bros I want to chill with" - which got me thinking about the qualities that we look for in potential bros.

Qualities like:
- Musical talent (piano, keytar, air keytar)
- Willingness to be "zany" by spraying his face with the hose
- Scopes chicks by lowering sunglasses or doing the shaking hand motion 
- Does a ferosh Carlton on the beach with mesh muscle shirt/banana hammock
- Usually upbeat, but adjusts mustache/mullet to be "serious" when pointing his finger
- Can pull the ladies (in tug of war)

Luckily, I found all of these qualities in one man. His name is Pierre Nadaeu, and he submitted this video entry to our new "Bro Search" reality series.

Pierre Nadeau - Girls/Boys

This was the second place entry...pretty brahsome overall but the pelvic thrusts just weren't as genuine. Would probably team up with this bro if we were both stuck at a lame wedding reception or something, but that's about it.

Other first round finalists:

- Leprechan bro
- Falcor bro
- Game night bro
- Game night bro (2.0)
- Teeball bro

So again congrats to Pierre.

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