February 24, 2009

Bros I Want To Chill With Vol. 2

The winners of this round are:

- Weird Tapes
- Hassan, Tito, Sonja and Thomas from Dutch teen powerpop group Babuluga (see wig-scrambling video below, prepare for your life to permanently improve around the :42 mark). No one knows anything about these guys, except for Tito is rumored to have dated the year 7 twins (Erica + Heather) from the first season of Degrassi Jr Hi. It's probably time for them to "get viral" like when that chimp went to the dentist.

Babaluga - My Paradise

I found them through asrestlessasweare, who I also want to chill w/ because they were the first to bloghard about Weird Tapes almost a year ago. What else do you need to know about a song called "Nightstalking" that elicits Information Society/Point Break paranoia?

Weird Tapes - Nightstalking

Also, Hall and Oates. There are no losers in my paradise.

Bros I Want To Chill With Vol. 1


Baby Gorilla said...

I think Weird Tapes made the theme to Hoosiers

DHPIV said...

"I think Weird Tapes made the theme to Hoosiers"
I can definitely see Chitwood doing lines pre-game (most of the good mid-80's hoopsters were, right?) to this tune.