March 2, 2009

Zesty Island Mix

One way to mitigate nasty weather is to go ahead and lay out the ideal audio accoutrements for your first poolside/rooftop jaunt (in this case, my trip next month to Punta Cana). First up - The Loop Professor (Ben Allen) mixing Tropicalismo pioneer Gilberto Gil's "Maracatu Atomico" over Q-Tip's J-Dilla produced "Breathe and Stop" instrumental. The perfect lime for your morning's first Presidente.

Loop Professor - The Stop vs. Gil (from Get Your Hand Outta My Pocket! Vol. 3, 2006, track via Names You Can Trust)

20-year-old Aussie Jonathan Boulet has gone out and done the music world a frickin' service with his new compact disc, appropriately titled Jonathan Boulet. No chopless, dubious ruffians here, this is a professionally trained voice man that also wrote, recorded, produced and played almost every instrument. Boulet!

Jonathan Boulet - A Community Service Annoucement (from his 2009 self-titled debut, buy it here)

Although "Island" is the first single from Whitest Boy Alive's second EP (available in the US next month), it's actually been part of their live shows for the last five years or so. In this studio version Erlend Oye shares enigmatic clues about hidden Norwegian treasure.

The Whitest Boy Alive - Island (from Rules, 2009)

"I had the college, I had the material trip...I just decided I was going to find a new way of life, so I took off on my bicycle."

Mylo - Sun Worshipper (from Destroy Rock & Roll, 2006)

The picture above is the album art for the single to my favorite track on Premiers Symptomes; the track below is my favorite b-side on the single.

Air - Casanova 70 (The Secret of Cool) (b-side from Casanova 70, 1999)

Buy it at Insound!

So besides The Avalanches and Air France, which is a given, what would be on your zesty mix?

The Avalanches/My Blue Hustle
Air France's Rooftop Mix
Roundtable Knights' Buttery Summer Mix
The More You Know - Other Languages


Baby Gorilla said...

You'll know you're in the right place when you hear Wayne Wonder's No Letting Go.

It made it hard to stay in your seat though so you can forget relaxing. Make sure your trunks are tied tight.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend a healthy plate of

Arroz con Frijoles by Grupo Fantasma

Anonymous said...

nice selection. don't forget "Summer Samba" or its original Portuguese title, "Samba de Verão." I like the Walter Wanderley Trio bossa nova version

Anonymous said...

When you do posts like this, it makes me want to write scary stalker comments, like, "Butter Team completes me." But, erm...I'll refrain.

Z said...

Thanks! And thanks.

Anonymous said...

If Air France and Avalanches are already a given, I would have to add Belle and Sebastian, Beirut, Telepopmusik, Junior Boys, and Lemonjelly.

I am for sure going to use your "Zesty Island Mix" on my Dominican Republic vacation next month!

Keep the beats coming Butterteam!!