February 16, 2009

Postcards from Tiny Islands

Tilt-shift miniature faking is a photography technique that manipulates life-size locations or objects to resemble a miniature scale model. By using a special lens, high angle, large aperture and distorted focus to simulate a shallow depth of field, the scene seems much smaller than it actually is. 

Combining these techniques with thousands of time-lapse photos, as Sydney photographer Keith Loutit has done, creates incredibly powerful videos. Combining clips from several of these videos with Air France's "Beach Party" (below), creates a video worthy of the song. Update: Keith asked us to remove the "Beach Party" video, so instead here's an example of his work. Maybe you mute the video volume and enjoy some Air France to this instead?

Air France - Beach Party (from On Trade Winds)

Air France vs. The Doves
Tilt-Shift Miniatures on Flickr


Anonymous said...

Nice work. Great video it really looks like they are miniature models. Hope to do something similar someday.

Anonymous said...

Ha, pretty cool, maybe you should have asked Kieth before you put this together though.

Z said...

I actually did ask, but when I didn't hear back I decided to give it a shot anyway. Oh well - it was fun to make!

Anonymous said...

"Ha, pretty cool, maybe you should have asked Kieth before you put this together though".... chill out dude. no one needs you to police the internet. maybe you shouldnt tell people what to do and not assume they did the wrong thing.

nice job with the video. i seriously enjoyed this. and keep it up with the blog. good stuff.

moonwalker said...

THX Z!!!

Anonymous said...

video deleted?

damn, keith. you just prevented me from looking into your work.

KACEY said...

I was passing over the blogs, i found this one to be most suitable for me...thanks for the post,,,