March 3, 2009

Soul Sides Turns Five

Though it wasn't the first "audioblog" on the block, Soul Sides has remained the Interweb's best source for 60s/70s soul, disco, funk, and afro-latin crate gems for five years now. That's like 35 blog years.

For us younger folks who heard De La Soul before the Detroit Emeralds, Beck before Herbie Hancock, and Q-Tip before Ruby Andrews, Soul Sides helps discover, dust off, and most importantly, dissect exactly what today's artists grew up on and why it matters today. And while we link back over there as much as possible, you can pretty much assume that any classic sample searches either originated (or were inspired by) O. Wang and crew. So pay your respects son.

To celebrate, they're revisiting and reposting twenty favorite tracks from the past few years. So far that's included an essential Dizzy Gillespie joint and a horn/xylophone-driven soul track from the Harvey Averne dozen (?). Thanks, as always, for the beats.

Johnny Cash - Five Feet High and Rising (from Songs of Our Soil, 1959)

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3 Feet High and Rising: Original Samples
I Like It (More Than U Know)
The Temptations - Messages From Black Men
Q-Tip - You Made A Believer Out Of Me
Here's How E Samples

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Anonymous said...

Paid in full. My favorite post lately is the Ragovoy tapes.

Absolutely facemelting.