April 17, 2009

I Don't Feel You, But I Smell You

We just featured Del the Funky Homosapien* (not pictured) last week, but that was before he dropped a fresh new album for free. Freshness, or using olfactory analysis as an intuitive means for judging one's character, seems to be a recurring motif throughout his catalogue. We all remember the Both Sides of the Brain classic "If You Must" - and while newest release Funk Man also addresses who stank and who don't, this time whether that's a good thing or not is up for debate. Sir Diesel now embraces Funkee in all of its forms - he's musty with a buzz - and it is what it is 'cause he do what he does.

Download Funk Man for free here.

Del the Funky Homosapien - I'm Smellin' Myself** (from Funk Man, 2009)

Del the Funky Homosapien - If You Must (from Both Sides of the Brain, 2000)

*Apparently now it's "the Funky" and not "tha Funkee," so.
**There are plenty of other good tracks on this album if this one isn't your steez.
***Oh, and he said 3/4 of yall is wack.

(pic via Sexy People, tip via So Much Silence)


merajj said...

this is dope

Dave said...

I don't know you....but I love you.