April 14, 2009

Yo JT, Pop That New Phoenx Rmx

We've heard at least a half dozen "1901" remixes already, but our main homey Alan Wilkis finally made one worth cranking in your Tata. Though this version doesn't outmuscle the original (obviously), the extra-ominously layered synth raises disturbing questions about nineteen second recaps of Kubrick classics and turn of the century soirées. In this video we ask, "What does '1901' really mean, Phoenix? What?"

While this video only raises more questions, know this: Wolfgang Amadeus and Wilkis' new EP Pink and Purple are both slated for a May release, and our imaginary friend Tony says they're going to be dope.

Phoenix - 1901 (from Wolfgang Amadeus)

Phoenix - 1901 (Alan Wilkis Rmx)

Phoenix - 1901 (Diese Rmx)

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Vikas said...

Hey, we're having a listening party for Alan Wilkis at Hiro Mezzanine on Thursday. Alan will be hosting a table and canoodling all his adoring fans. Don't know whether you're brooklyn based but feel free to spread the word. Thanks!


eda said...