May 28, 2009

Fellows of the Royal Society (Lost Avalanches Vol. 1)

Exotic cuts and liquid assets have been carefully inventoried to match the disparate temperments of the world's premier living experts in sensory communication. As new (old) beats fill the hall, the Fellows' collective unconscious arrives at a state in which past, present and future* Avalanches recordings exist in simultaneous potentiality. Cutlery and carafes clink quietly amongst Chateaubriand and Château Margaux; cheeks glisten with duck meat and dill curry.

With My Baby (Frontier Psychiatrist single, 2001)

Undersea Community (Undersea Community single, 1999)

Thank You Caroline (Rock City 7", 1997)

*This month a cryptic image appeared on the Avalanches news section consisting of Keith Moon's picture with Clearasil spot cream from the back cover of The Who's 1967 album, The Who Sell Out, accompanied with the words "clearing samples." The status "...are clearing samples" also now appears on their Myspace page, and a blank page on has been created for a New Album TBA. Preliminary inquiries into the Fellows' advisory body have not been returned.

Is that Artax in the back?

Since I Met You
Flight Tonight


ADSO said...

The Undersea Community link just points to your homepage :S ?
If you could fix the link, that'd be cool. Thanks

ADSO said...

p.s. I am so fucking excited that it hurts - Gimix is my favourite mix ever and Since I Left You is one of my favourite albums. Thanks for the great news!

Z said...

thanks for the spot - fixed.

Rich Petty said...

nice to see my updating of the avalanches wikipedia page gets well used :P

jim b said...

dig out cornerstone mix if you've never given it a listen, multiple joyous by ten and you ll be getting there jim moose