May 19, 2009

Easy Life Rooftop Beats

This is what the chaps from Air France probably looked like whilst discussing the blueprints of their splendid 2k8 rooftop mix - cool and confident, with well-pressed slacks and Julies waiting on the wing. While they haven't dropped anything new for this summer (yet), feel free to continue celebrating a few of last year's individual highlights. Just don't be fooled by Treasure Fingers - most of this mix is REALLY CHILL. Like "donking out in the sun after a plate of hand-battered Honey Chiptole Chicken Crispers® from Chili's" chill.

Orpheus - Can't Find The Time
Quiet Village - Victoria's Secret
Ashra - Don't Stop The Fan
Saint Etienne - Avenue
Treasure Fingers- Cross The Dancefloor
Prefab Sprout - Cars And Girls
Hugo Montenegro - Greatest Love Of All
Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (Club Mix)
Aeroplane - Pacific Air Race
The Main Attraction - Everyday

Air France Rooftop Mix (43 MB)

Although the last track is easily the best (and Avalanches fans should read more about that one here), Prefab Sprout's 1987 uberweak Cars and Girls is getting a lot of air time for some reason. Not sure why. It's pretty much the exact opposite of a "highly bloggable" track by today's standards - and even cornier than the Perfect Strangers theme - yet I keep coming back, first post-ironically and now for serious.

Butter Team's Zesty Island Mix
Roundtable Knights Summer Mix
Frank's Boogie Trip: Special Nigerian Disco Mix
Air France vs. Doves: Fear at Your Doorstep


Anonymous said...

damn. Cars and Girls is stuck in my head!!

Dr. President said...

You wrong for this, dude. LOL And where on God's Green EArth do you FIND those old school pics???? I've GOT to know.