March 30, 2010

Cut Copy - Far Away (Rad Redux)

Two years ago I posted a Cut Copy/Rad mashup that was quasi-successful (100K+ views, not bad for a 5 minute vid), but the quality was terrible. The source video was a YouTube rip (after who knows how many compressions) which was then edited and re-uploaded, and the audio was a shitty MySpace rip (In Ghost Colours hadn't come out yet).

This movie*, this band, and you the reader all deserve better. So allow me to introduce a much higher quality version, complete with tighter edits and some new high school danceoff scenes from earlier in the movie (3:03!). Enjoy.

*Fun fact: the family in the center of the Butter Team header is enjoying a 1971 RCA color TV with an XL-100 advanced tuning system and Solid State Accucolor. They are excited about this transformative technology and what it will do for their lives. They're preparing to watch Rad, except the opening title sequence was replaced with "Butter Team," which by transference leads them to conclude this blog is rad.


Panagiotis said...

Amazing video, thanks for posting the upgrade

w.e. said...

tight tits