May 14, 2007

Silversun Pickups Salute Moms Everywhere (plus new Sea Wolf)

Lead Silversun Pickups rasper Brian Aubert took some time last night to give a shot out to mommas (and baby's mommas mommas) around the world, see video below. Several people shouted "Golden Girls" for no discernable reason, and the band also played some live music. Check a few acoustic songs from another post here.

Future indie mainstays Sea Wolf took the stage prior to the Silversun's Mother's Day extravaganza. Besides having great music, which always helps these days, they also ACED the 2007 edition of our handy Buzz Band Bingo cards. Chick in a kimono-style dress playing the Moog? Check. Professionally-trained cellist with heavy eyeliner? Roger. Tweedy-esque, unshaven frontman wearing striped tee and dingy cardigan? That's a go. Guitarist (not pictured) sporting a dharma rail bum engineer's cap? Add in the free space, and bingo!

The Sea Wolf crew is different live than anything they have on record with a faster, fuller sound. The first two tracks below are from their Leaves in the River LP, which will hopefully be released later in the year so we can buy it.

Sea Wolf - Leaves in the River
Sea Wolf - Black Dirt
Sea Wolf - I Made A Resolution

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