May 8, 2007

Toyota Police Club on Letterman?

How you mistake a bunch of indie kids in size zero Diesel jeans for the world's largest automaker? Poor teleprompting, and that's bush league Dave. You can't just say whatever they put up there homey. But no matter, the key here is that our boys are big (in the US, not Japan) with their first major network debut. They actually appeared on 4/19, but we just heard about this. Thanks to Culture Bully for the scoop. Here's an earlier post with unreleased stuff from their new album.


ANS said...

Tokyo Police Club? I saw them live a couple of months ago and was not impressed. They need to work on their show game because all their songs are just short blasts of sameness and do not compare to their recorded work. I just have Certified Banger and my mate has
Eclectic Hermit and we post on each others occasionally!

Z said...

agree in that all of their shows are not certified bangers. but i saw them headline in toronto (their backyard) and it was truly off the grid. all their cronies from high school basically came on pogo sticks. saw them in DC and it was boring b/c the crowd was just there to see cold war kids. one girl in the crowd said "every time i start getting warmed up to dance, the song ends!"