October 15, 2007

Jeg Elsker Dig Efterklang!

Baltimore, Maryland; self-appointed “Greatest City on Earth.” Copenhagen, Denmark, “A much, much cooler city than Baltimore.” Who wins? Excluding the vast crime rate differences we can only judge by musical output while the local convention and tourism marketing departments beat it out.

The four months I spent living in Denmark earlier this year were surreal - possibly due to the endless supply of marzipan and chocolate bars, massive street festivals and dance parties, and Lego Land. Fortunately Danish supergroup Efterklang release their new album Parades today, offering a familiar throwback to those days of throwing back cold Carlsbergs on the back of pirate ship floats.

Efterklang produces epic tracks not easily unpacked - intertwined vocals, brass and electronic strands march out of your speakers from every direction possible to form the perfect soundtrack for lazy afternoons, rainy mornings, or just getting pumped up for that big spelling bee.

Efterklang - Mirador
Efterklang - Caravan
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March, Baltimoreans! These are clutch tunes for the fall while we wait patiently for new Sufjan. Also check out Rumraket (the record label Efterklang runs on the side) for more great soup n' turtleneck jamz including Canon Blue and Taxi Taxi.

Canon Blue - Odds and Ends

Thanks to BT satellite correspondent Cara Weigand for the post.


Unknown said...

awesome. i live in baltimore, but spent four months living in kobenhavn as well. baltimore is cool, but it just doesn't measure up.

oh, and good music too.

Anonymous said...

vi elsker også dig!
kh Efterklang