May 4, 2009

Bacon-Wrapped Memes

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat is a virulent, powerful new meme strain responsible for a recent outbreak of mild interweb shenanigans. While its origin has been linked back to this seemingly harmless 2007 video, Keyboard Cat is now mutating by wrapping itself around the DNA of more popular memes; deftly eluding the protective antibodies that render cat videos unfunny to most of the adult male population. At the moment it's primarily isolated within fail/fainting videos, but 80s sitcom clips and music videos are likely next. Worst case scenario, we could be looking at a preview of the mysterious The Entertainment video from Infinite Jest.

Here's one example (do not watch):

Comedic art or global pandemic? The anonymous creator of Keyboard Cat weighs in: "Who says it was supposed to be funny. Keyboard Cat is a form of modern art comparable to dadaism. Most people aren't able to grasp the complexities and attention to detail that a 'play him off, keyboard cat' encompasses."

Tips for helping your family avoid this meme:
- Stay away from your home, office or anywhere that may have internets 
- Wear a Peter Sarsgaard-branded SARS guard at all times
- Do NOT open or play video files friends may have sent you labeled "funnie"
- Learn more about the meme economy (via HRO)

However if you'd prefer to knowingly contribute to society's downfall by facilitating KC's transmedia spread, we've provided you with an mp3 to share via mixtapes, ringtones, banger remixes, etc. Also works well as an alarm clock notification (for "zany" people who like to take jokes too far).

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat (Theme)

In other viral news, The Streets just released a timely new video/song called "He's Behind You, He's Got Swine Flu" (via Mike Skinner).


Anonymous said...

hahahaha these videos are the best. keyboard cat FTW!

Baby Gorilla said...

Could use the isotoners for this one -

Anonymous said...

I don't like the keyboard cat very much. Some of these videos are funny, but not ones where people are sick like the fainting guy...Plus, the theme song is annoying. My roommates play it like every 10 minutes...